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Communication for Service Centers on call charges for paid services provided through telephone calls to non-geographic numbers

Wind Tre hereby informs that, according to the publication in the Official Gazette, General Series no. 189 dated 08/14/17, the law 124/2017 came into effect starting 29 August 2017, its title being: "Annual Law for the Market and Competition", which establishes, in paragraph 55, that:

"For paid services provided by telephone calls to non-geographic numbers, the pricing for the calls starts only after the operator's response".

Consequently, on October 25th, 2018 the resolution 157/18 / CIR was published on the AGCom website, with the title: "Change of the numbering plan pursuant to resolution no. 8/15 / CIR according to the implementation of the annual law for the market and competition n. 124/2017 ", which states in Article 2 paragraph 1 the following: "

1. The following paragraph is added to the art. 5 of Annex A to resolution no. 8/15 / CIR on the "Numbering Plan in the Telecommunications Sector and Implementing Rules":
4 bis-For paid services provided by telephone calls to non-geographic numbers other than those referred to in art. 1, paragraph 1, lett. j), which provides for the response to the customer by a natural person or an automatic responder (Interactive Voice Response) or in any case the provision of a service, the taxing for the call starts only when the service center operator responds or from the beginning of the provision of the content through an automatic answering machine or the service itself. For the purpose of initiating taxation on the call, the service center is responsible for sending the "response criteria" to the electronic communication operator through which it provides the service (assignee of the call NNG or recipient of the same). This information message is prepared and sent, in timing and form, according to the technical specifications provided. The electronic communication operator who receives this message is responsible for processing it, including forwarding it, where applicable, to the downstream operator, according to the current technical specifications. Any informative message by phone before the response from the service center is free of charge for the caller. The service center, after sending the "response criteria", provides its service without introducing the caller's wait or pause. "(Emphasis added).

In order to implement the statute of the art. 55 of the above law, namely that the tariffs for calls to non-geographic numbers start only after the response of the operator, the resolution 157/18 / CIR places responsibility for sending the "response criteria" to the service centers , at the time established by the above mentioned regulations in force, to the electronic communication operator through which they provide the service.

Failure to send the response criteria will result in the expiration of the T9 timer currently setted on the networks for the cost reduction of the call without any charges for the caller before the start of taxation.

For more details, see below:

Law August 14th, 2017, no. 124 “Annual Law for the Market and Competition”

AGCom 157/18/CIR Resolution
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