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Mobile Solutions for Large Businesses

The Mobile offers for Large Businesses are ideal to use at best the smartphone for working purposes, with flexible internet browsing and a large voice traffic amount. While the range of data used by several people in the same company is different, it’s important to guarantee, by avoiding data wasting, the best data usage. That’s possible through the DATA sharing.

Choose the best offer for your Business.
Designed to answer all your employees needs, the Telephone Mobile Large Business Solutions include minutes, TEXTS and data, to use on smartphone and tablet both.

Prepaid Plans

Discover SUPER, the family of prepaid solutions for your business.


The complete offer for all companies that need to work freely in Italy and abroad.


The offer including unlimited minutes and DATA for your Business.


The perfect solution for your people.
Unlimited minutes and up to 10 GIGA.
Shared DATA Solution
The solution delivering data sharing and optimization across your organization or devices.
Unlimited minutes
The solution including unlimited minutes from Italy and in Europe, USA and Switzerland.
Texts in Italy and Abroad
The solution that lets you send texts wherever you are – in Italy or abroad – with no worries.

Postpaid Plans

Discover the Postpaid Plan tailored to your business.


The solution delivering minutes, TEXTS and data
in Italy, Europe, USA and Switzerland.
Internet DATA
15 or 30GB of DATA per month to monitor your Company growth even while out of the office.
Unlimited minutes
For you unlimited minutes to use in Italy and in the EU countries.
No top-up
The postpaid offer to forget about the constant reminder of topping up.

Only Data Plan

Discover the Only Data Plan tailored to your business.


The Data offer to surf without limits with all your devices.


30 or 70 GIGA to browse everywhere, with every device.
Internet Data Only
No more voice restrictions: browse as freely as you like.
Also Abroad
The DATA are available also for your travels abroad.
No top-up
Forget about the thought of topping up: all the DATA your Company needs are available.

Corporate Messaging

Discover the corporate text messaging services.


TEXTS to communicate with clients and the sales force.

International Options, to call from Italy and abroad

Discover the best solutions to communicate outside the national borders.


Save on the costs for calls and browsing abroad.


Spend less to call abroad.
Call easily from abroad to 49 countries worldwide and towards Italy, Switzerland and the USA.
Internet DATA
Browse from abroad in complete comfort with our DATA.
Texts in Italy and Abroad
Communicate easily with your colleagues and clients.

Any more doubts on the Mobile Plan suited for you?

Prepaid Plans
Prepaid plans are the best solutions for those who want to stay in control of corporate phone spending and are concerned about a possible excessive voice and data usage by employees. MyShare and SmartShare prepaid plans are designed to minimize corporate expenditures by offering solutions to share voice and data allowances across several corporate devices used by the same employee or across corporate devices used by different employees.

Plans Broadband solutions are designed for internet browsing in Italy and abroad and data only, avoiding voice and text costs. A solution suitable for those who often use their tablets for work-related purposes.

Postpaid Plans
Large Businesses usually have to manage a wide number of smartphones and tablets, which often are on different plans. Choose a joint corporate solution to manage corporate device rates and avoid any risk of allowance run-outs and discover the best solution for your business.

Large businesses often have to deal with international calls and data daily used on international roaming. An offer that fits the frequent travellers’ needs or delivers international communication services is the best solution to minimize related additional costs and international roaming charges.
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