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The solution for body temperature detection and access management

of body temperature
in real time
of crowded areas and
access control
Acoustic and Optical Alert and Smart Camera

Solutions to easily manage access control

The service allows you to quickly scan the body temperature of every single person who accesses the corporate spaces. The installation of specific and certified thermal cameras, allow instant identification of subjects with abnormal body heat, generating acoustic alerts in autonomy and providing the relevant images on the control monitor.

Smart Solution

The Smart Solution, ideal for small retail activities such as bars, tobacconists, pharmacies and restaurants, allows the control of body temperature at the passage of every individual person. The camera features an intelligent combination of thermal and visible optics, the synchronized alarm makes real-time selection and detection more intuitive, effective and accurate.

Plus Solution

The Plus solution, ideal for hotels, cinemas, waiting rooms, allows the detection of body temperature up to 2/3 people simultaneously, making faster the management of inflows at the entrances. Smart combination with thermal and visible optics makes detection more effective: the camera can also be used for traditional purposes.

Multipoint Solution

The Multipoint Solution, ideal for airports, stations, courts and large companies, allows you to control multiple people simultaneously, from a distance of more than 3 meters. Artificial intelligence algorithms allow to recognize the human figures present within the scene, excluding any other heat source. When the predetermined threshold is detected, an alarm is triggered and the image of the person to whom the anomaly was detected is highlighted in red on the control monitor.

Integrated Solution

The Integrated Solution, which can be implemented in infrastructures that can be equipped or equipped with access control systems is designed on the specific needs of the customer following an inspection. The integration with the thermal camera located near the gate ensures that the temperature of the people at the entrance of the structure, allowing access only to those whose detected data is less than a fixed value.

Every solution includes


Supply of material and transport at the customer’s premises.


Programming and configuration of equipment by specialized personnel.


Training of personnel to interact with the detection system.


Specific advice on implementation procedures and privacy rules.


No data stored, so as to ensure the privacy of customers.
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