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The solution to manage queues and decongest waiting rooms

of queues on site or remotely
of entry and appointments
of accesses' data and stats

The solution to manage queues directly from your device with Ufirst

An App that allows you to manage the turnouts of its customers and visitors, avoiding crowds and thus ensuring safety. By choosing the store you can see the number of people in queue and book comfortably from home, or on site. Your turn will be communicated by notification.

Through App

The simplest model, which does not employ staff and direct contact between user and instrumentation. The user can choose the point of sale of interest, check the waiting times and book their turn. You will receive two notifications: as your turn approaches and arrives.

Onsite with Operator

In this "concierge" model an operator inserts on Ufirst the name and phone number of the users in the queue, who can stop at the entrance at a safe distance or move away. The notification of your turn can take place in two ways: via an SMS on your smartphone or on the monitor at the entrance of the commercial.

Onsite Self Service

The Commercial Centre is equipped with a tablet or a desk from which it will be possible to frame a QR code, which the customer uses to book his turn and receive a booking ticket on his smartphone. The dedicated App allows the customer to monitor the progress of the queue. There will be no contact with the equipment and no need for staff.

By Appointment

The Ufirst Agenda function allows public and private facilities to manage the entire cycle of appointments, making it easier for each user to experience: End customers can make online reservations in total autonomy and receive notifications as the appointment approaches directly on the App.
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