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The solution for active distance measurement and access management

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acoustic and visual alert
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Solutions for distance and access management

The Social Distancing & Contact Tracing solution allows, through wearable devices, to keep the distance of two or more people in the same environment, block access and ensure compliance with the standards of distance and prevention imposed by the Government, thus minimising the risk of contagion.

Light Solution

The Light Solution is a smart solution, which allows to measure the interpersonal distance with an accuracy of a few centimeters, avoiding false alarms. In a very simple and intuitive way, the Egopro Active TAG, worn by both people, warns, vibrates and lights up intermittently that the minimum safety distance has been exceeded.

The TAG is rechargeable and sanitizable. It is powered by a rechargeable battery (duration +12 hours) and the safety distance is programmable.

Plus Solution

The Plus Solution allows you to integrate the TAG into a complete system for access control, people counting and alarm management. This modular solution allows to automatically count the people present inside the structure, to block access once the limit of people inside is exceeded and to signal when a person remains in the circumscribed area more than the preset time.

All alarms and their countermeasures are configurable and traceable.

Close-To-Me Solution

Close-To-Me is the made in Italy wearable device that helps to keep the distance of two or more people in the same environment. By detecting the signal received from other wearable devices, it emits an audible signal or vibration when the pre-configured distance is not respected. It is available in two versions: bracelet and key ring.

You can connect your device to the enterprise gateway via cloud applications.

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Supply of materials and transport to the customer's premises.


Programming and configuration of the equipment by specialized personnel.


Training of personnel in charge of device management.


Specific advice on implementation procedures and privacy regulations.


No data stored, so as to guarantee customer privacy.
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