Wind Tre Business


Communicate seamlessly, anywhere


Save on your people’s travel time and costs


Video conference with your people on any device


Optimize work and enhance collaboration

Have your people connected, anywhere they are

Working methods are undergoing significant change: employees, suppliers, clients and partners feel the need to communicate as simply as possible, using any type of device, free from time constraints and geographical boundaries.
Working through the Video Collaboration service is easier and faster: better communication within work teams, more efficient emergency management, possibility to set appointments at any time, optimization of decision-making processes by involving people, and streamlining of knowledge-sharing processes.


Besides the cloud-based service, WINDTRE can deliver professional systems for video-conference rooms of various sizes, from the simplest ones based on all-in-one solutions up to large auditoriums, with a consultancy approach aimed at choosing the solution that suits your specific Company needs best.


Always keep your contact network alive and fast moving to deliver seamless communication. Different tools and solutions aimed at the same goal: streamlining of daily work activities and dialog among involved people.

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Maintenance and Helpdesk

A 24/7 help for solving any malfunctions.


Integration with the platform to send invitations and reports.


Recording and on-demand streaming with an online storage up to 50 gigabytes.

Multi-party Video Conference

To share desktops and apps, including chats, session recordings and attendances.

Dedicated Enviroment

Fully customizable, it features a shared platform for user profiling.

Virtual Room

Meeting setup at a few clicks, even among different companies.

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