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The Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solution for your Company
ON AIR is the access mode that integrates Wired technologies to WINDTRE’s Top Quality Network, with EOLO’s FWA technology.
The new option is provided by WINDTRE BUSINESS thanks to an agreement with the Wholesale division of EOLO, the main operator in Italy in the Fixed Wireless Access ultrabroadband for the business and residential segments.



Top Quality Network

Why choose ON AIR for your business?

WINDTRE CONNECT ON AIR allows you to connect the different corporate offices to the Top Quality Network of WINDTRE with the radio frequency connections licensed by EOLO, characterized by a high degree of reliability, innovation and capillarity of the network.
This access mode is available nationally as a connectivity solution both Internet and within Data Networks with guaranteed symmetric band up to 4mbps and peak download speeds up to 100mbps.
The new WINDTRE CONNECT ON AIR solution includes, in addition to the high performance of the integrated network, executive features such as the rapid installation and, in case of unforeseen event, the restoration in one day, no more than 24 hours, in 95% of cases.

Offer Info and Details

After the signing of the contract by the Customer, with the executive inspection of the Eolo staff, WINDTRE confirms whether the customer site can be activated. In case of feasibility, we proceed to the installation of the service and the re-linking of the customer site to the network and WINDTRE service through the access provided by Eolo, otherwise the contract is terminated with nothing to claim.
On Air can be contracted in two different ways: to access, always 100mbps, the Internet or the private network of the customer. In both cases several Guaranteed Band cuts are available. Eolo access can also be used as a backup of the main connectivity, delivered in other technology.
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