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Turbocharge your school with a new Wi-Fi 6 infrastructure

free, simple, secure and GDPR compliant internet access.
online learning tools, e-books and web pages with certified content.
responds to the current and future needs of the school.

The ideal solution for adopting future teaching technologies

With Easy Wi Fly, WINDTRE intends to enable schools to use the European Structured Funds (ESF) already allocated for the implementation of wired and wireless (Wi-Fi)1 cabling projects and for the provision of interactive digital touch screen monitors and equipment fundamental for the digital transformation of teaching2. WINDTRE is a unique partner for schools, thanks to an innovative solution that allows educational institutions to be equipped with a Wi-Fi 6 network with high speed and reduced maintenance costs, able to wirelessly cover teaching and administrative spaces. These initiatives are part of the WINDTRE positioning in the PNRR area.
1Public notice for the construction of local, wired and wireless networks, in schools (Ministry of Education Prot.n.20480 of 20 July 2021).
2Public notice "Digital board: digital transformation in teaching and organization" (Ministry of Education Prot. No. 28966 of 6 September 2021).
Easy Wi Fly allows free and secure internet access to school staff.
All in compliance with the privacy regulations.

Discover the available packages:
max 200 users


Suitable for small schools with up to 8 APs.
max 600 users


Suitable for medium schools with up to 24 APs.
up to 1200 users


Suitable for large schools with up to 48 APs.

How does it work?

Select Easy Wi Fly from the available networks
The first time you access the service, you land on a personalized page
Enter your details (email/password, social login)
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