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Mobile Solutions for Small and
Medium Businesses

Are you looking for a solution to make calls, text and browse from mobile devices to fit your business needs?
Our Business Mobile Solutions are designed to suit any mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet.
Choose the solutions that suit you best.
The Mobile Business Solutions include voice calls, TEXTS anda data, for a complete solution, tailored on your needs. Choose the perfect offer among the displayed.

Prepaid  Plans 

Discover SUPER, the family of prepaid solutions for your business. 


The complete offer for all companies that need to work freely in Italy and abroad.


The solutions dedicated to managers and executives with unlimited minutes and GIGA.


The perfect solution for your people.
Unlimited minutes and up to 10 GIGA.


The offer with unlimited calls in Italy, EU and UK and 100 GIGA to be used on the national territory.
Shared Data Solution
The solution delivering data sharing and optimization across your organization or devices.
Unlimited Minutes
The solution including unlimited minutes from Italy and in Europe, USA and Switzerland.
Texts in Italy and abroad
The solution that lets you send TEXTS wherever you are – in Italy or abroad – with no worries.

Postpaid Plans

Discover the Postpaid Plan tailored to your business.


The solution delivering minutes, TEXTS and data
in Italy, Europe, USA and Switzerland.

Only Data Plan

Discover the Only Data Plan tailored to your business.


Browse everywhere, with SUPER GIGA UNLIMITED offer.


30 or 70 GIGA to browse everywhere, with every device.

Other Offers

Find out the best offer for your business


The Calls and Internet offer dedicated to Managers
to share the DATA with your mobile devices.


The Calls and Internet mobile offer
to share DATA among your collaborators.


The rechargeable Internet-only offer
to share DATA among different collaborators.


The internet-only postpaid offer.

Options to make international calls, in Italy and abroad

Discover how to enrich your plan with options to make calls, wherever you are.


The prepaid or postpaid plan roaming options to combine with your plans.


Minutes to make international calls from Italy, for your prepaid or postpaid plans.

Any more doubts on the Mobile Plan suited for you?

Prepaid Plans
Are you interested in staying in control of your people’s spending, while enjoying flexible allowances? Do you need a solution to share voice and data allowances across your organization or devices?
The Prepaid Mobile Plans are the ones that suit you best.

Broadband Plans
Do you need a business offer exclusively designed for internet browsing on mobile devices? Would it be useful if any of your co-workers could use data only, freeing them from voice and text business allowances?
The Broadband Rate Plans are the right solution.

Postpaid Plans
Does your workforce make many calls, send plenty of texts and you can’t let your people run out of allowances? Do you want to stop worrying about running out of monthly allowance?
The Postpaid Plans are the choice that suit you best.

Are international calls one of your key business needs? Are you looking for a solution that makes you manage international calls and internet browsing abroad, saving on standard roaming costs?
The international Mobile Rate Plans are the ones that suit you best.
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