Wind Tre Business


The service to improve the browsing experience for your clients.

per month
A set-up interface intuitive and easy to use
A quick internet connection in a few steps
Promotional messagges shaped on each client

The service designed to grant the best connectivity to your clients

Hotspot Wi-Fi is an easy yet useful service. It's the solution allowing you to create a Hotspot Wi-Fi, providing a safe connection to your clients and collecting data in order to profile the promo campaigns. Make the browsing experience even more exclusive.
You'll be able to create customized welcome pages by choosing among several layouts available and contribute to make all of your clients feel included.


Provide safe connection
to your clients.


Allow your users to activate the connection at any moment, even after they didn't use it for a while: they won't need to login again. That way they'll be able to receive notifications and alerts, keeping them updated  and connected at all times, as if they were "at home", through the authomatic browser access, connecting them each time they get back at your shop.


Through the data collection from your users you'll be able to schedule, design and send customized communications to gain their loyalty. 
You'll be able to inform them on activities and exclusive events in your shop, advertising via email special promos and projects, sending welcome texts for those visiting for the first time and welcoming back those visiting you again.

Discover our offer:

Collect your clients data to profile them according to sex, age and provenance.
Identify easily the moments the service is used the most.
Export data
Check the analysis wherever you are, no need to use the platform.
Allow your clients to upload reviews and share them on their social media.
Use the data segmentation to provide your clients with custom communications.
Add widget forms, useful info and welcome messages in the hosts' portal.

How does it work?

The Wi-Fi point by following the Guide instructions
To the landing page dialing your Access Point code
To the control panel and start the customization
Your Welcome Page and the marketing campaigns

The price tailored on your needs

The client signs two PoC: Proposal of Contract for an only-data SIM with pricelist Leonardo Mega USTART combined to the selling with installments of the access Hotspot Wi-Fi point, which will be sent to the spot pointed during the subscription phase with a guidebook included, for installation and activation of the service; Proposal of Contract of the Hotspot Wi-Fi Service allowing you to access the portal and the dashboard contained inside. In order for the activation to be valid, the client has to have a WindTre Business fixed or mobile line contract, be a Professional with a VAT number and follow step by step the sign-in procedure on the website, providing real and truthful data. The main contract termination will consequently mean the termination of the contract for the Hotspot Wi-Fi service. The contract duration is of 24 months and it's devided as follows: the Access Point contract starts from the moment the client receives the device; the contract for the service starts from the moment the client signs in to the Access Point on the portal of the service. The service contract will be authomatically renewed for more 12 months after the first 24 months unless further notice, to be given according to the usual means (by Certified Electronic Email or by letter with aknowledgment of receit).
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