Wind Tre Business

Request encrypted traffic details

Customer Area

Log In into the Customer Area and enter the "Your Account" section; choose "you invoices" to display or download the encrypted details about your traffic with the following data:

•    Encrypted Details about calls (last three numbers are asterisks)
•    Costs Details
•    Line Details 

You can also make a research for:

•    Display and extract the billing traffic for less than 6 months
•    Display and extract the billing traffic for more than 6 months 
•    Display and extract the billing traffic for each telephone number

The service is free of charge.

Customer Care 1928

Contact out Customer Care at 1928; the requested traffic detail might not be free of charge. 
Ask everything to the Consultant that will process your request or check the Technical Economical Attachment of the General Conditions of the Contract

Advanced Reporting

If you activated the service, log in to the Customer Area and download your traffic accordign to the following parameters: 

- Comparative Analysis of 3 billing cycles
-  Detailed analysis of the traffic

The sums of the invoiced and not yet invoiced traffic are net of VAT, Government Fees and without the application of previously established discounts. 
Reports do not vale a tax or administration validation; for those informations please consider solely the traffic indicated in the invoice. 

Request the clear details on traffic

If you are the Legal Representative of your Company, you can request the clear details of traffic and the traffic of the invoice.
You can request the invoiced traffic if it is inferior to 6 months from the date of the request.
To verify the calls, send a written request to: 
Wind Tre S.p.A.
Servizio Clienti 1928
Casella Postale n. 14155, Ufficio Postale Milano 65 - 20152 Milano
•    insert the reason as "In need of a real check on the invoiced calls" and sprecify that you need the printout of the calls in order to verify the charges
•    sign your name so that it is possible to read it clearly
•    attach a valid ID 
•    indicate the list of the telephone numbers you are mostly interested in and the number of the invoice

The service is free of charge.

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