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Exemption from Government License Tax

The Government License Tax is a duty, valid for the whole contractual duration, bound to the existence of a mobile telephone number with a post-paid plan contract.
If you are not entitled to exemption from this duty, and have a VAT number, the applied Government License Tax is the one for Business use (12.91€/cent).
The subjects that are exempt from the duty are:
  1. Disabled persons
  2. Blind persons
  3. ONLUS (No-profit organizations)
  4. Amateur sports clubs/associations
  5. State, State Organs and Public Administration

Disabled and blind persons
Disability and blindness must be certified by the local health authority and the certificate provided together with the subscription contract.
It is understood that the exemption only applies to the SIMs used by said subjects. For disabled/blind clients, the exemption only applies for one contract. The request for exemption on the second plan can be accepted only upon presentation of a self-declaration affidavit, stating that the plan itself, being used by the person’s escort, is essential in the course of their relationship.

State, State Organs and Public Administration
The State, State Organs and Public Administration are exempt from payment of the Government License Tax.
The Revenue Agency believes instead that the Government License Tax should be paid by non-State Public Administration.
If “recognized” as State, State Organ or State Public Administration, it is not necessary to send documentation to apply for exemption.

If you are entitled to exemption, the documentation must be REGISTERED to:
Wind Tre S.p.A. con Socio Unico - Direzione e Coordinamento VIP-CKH Luxembourg S.à r.l. – Sede legale: Largo Metropolitana 5, 20017 Rho (MI)
The documentation must be SENT to:
Wind Tre S.p.A.
Servizio Clienti 1928
Casella Postale n. 14155, Ufficio Postale Milano 65 - 20152 Milano

Or, if you are a Tre Client:
Wind Tre S.p.A.
Servizio Clienti 139
Wind Tre S.p.A. Via Alessandro Severo, n. 246, 00145 Roma
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