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Theft and Loss

If you have lost your SIM Card or Device, if it has been stolen or you suspect that it has been tampered with, or if unauthorized third parties have become aware of your personal codes, you must communicate it to Wind Tre immediately by calling 1928.
Within the following seven days, you must send to Wind Tre a copy of the report filed with the relevant authorities.

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Servizio Clienti 1928
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In case of theft/loss of the phone with request to block the IMEI, the necessary documentation includes:
  • Report to the relevant authorities (stating the terminal’s IMEI) in case of theft, and self-declaration (law 06/16/1998 no. 191, so-called Bassanini Ter.) in case of loss
  • relevant form (available on the WIND TRE institutional website) + ID.
Until Wind receives the communication, any prejudice and cost arising from any misuse of the Card or Device that was lost, stolen or tampered with, will remain at your charge.

Theft and loss

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