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The voicemail alerts you by a text - free of charge - when you receive a voicemail when you are busy, just cannot answer or unreachable. 
After you receive a message, you can listen to it in the following 7 days while the one already listened are available from 3 to 10 days. 
The voicemail is already activated on the SIM card.
The service on your smartphone has a cost - in Italy - of 12,40 cents per call. 
To know the cost from Abroad visit the page Voicemail from Abroad.
In order to disconnect all the transfers, dial on your device ##004# enter (the green phone/digit to make a call).

To listen your voicemail

In ItalyDial
By smartphone4200
By landline or other line (except TIM)323 205 4200

Listen to your voicemail from Abroad

By smartphone if you have a prepaid4200 or *124*4200#
By smartphone if you have a contract+39 323 205 4200
By landline or other line (except TIM)+39 323 205 4200
When you listen to your voicemail from another telephone abroad, an access code in required. 
The standard code in 2121; if you activated a prepaid or a contract after June 14th, 2004 then the code is 1111.
To protect your voicemails and the messages from undesired accesses, modify the standard access code and memorize it.

How to manage your voicemail

Phone turned off or unreachable**62*+39 32 telephone number #ENTER##62# enter*#62# enter
No answer**61*+39 32 telephone number #ENTER##61# enter*#61# enter
Phone is busy**67*+39 32 telephone number #ENTER##67# enter*#67# enter
All of the above**004*+39 32 telephone number #ENTER##004# enter*#004# enter
By "enter" it is intended the green phone digit/digit to make a call.
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