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Important update on the new Electronic Invoicing system

According to the Budget Law 2018 (Law n.205 / 2017), starting from January 1st, 2019 all the holders of a VAT number and a company tax code can accept and pay their invoices only via electronic format.

The new format for the invoices to be produced, transmitted, archived and stored is a digital format called XML (Extensible Markup Language), an IT language that ensures the integrity and authenticity of the document.
Electronic invoices must be transmitted to the customer (or to his intermediary) exclusively through the Exchange System (SDI) managed by the Revenue Agency.
In turn, the SDI will forward the electronic invoices to the customer (or to his intermediary) only after ascertaining the information contained in the invoice is correct.

The rules for preparing, transmitting, receiving and storing electronic invoices are defined by the provision n. 89757 of April 30th, 2018 published on the website of the Revenue Agency.
In order to receive your telephone bill or the related variation notes about the electronic invoice format via SDI, the customer or his intermediary must be in possession of:
  • a certified e-mail address (PEC);
  • a 7-character recipient code (CID) that identifies the recipient of the electronic invoice.
The abovementioned code is provided by the Inland Revenue in case of accreditation to the SDI through the FTP and SdI Coop channels; In the absence of communication to the SDI of the PEC or CID, the invoices are deposited by the ES in the tax drawer of the customer.

You can communicate your CID or PEC directly to the 1928 Business Customer Service.
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