Wind Tre Business

Changes in Prepaid and Postpaid Roaming Options

Starting from June 2018

Starting from June 2018 WINDTRE BUSINESS increases the value of the Offers including voice calls from Italy to foreign countries and with the Roaming option and includes additional countries at the same option cost:
  • International Aziente and Business International will allows clients to call from italy worldwide.
  • Top Mondo Prepaid and Postpaid will add 7 more countries to the option (Panama, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Qatar):
    • to call from italy, UE, the USA and Switzerland towards the countries included in the option
    • to make and receive calls, send texts and browse on Roaming in the countries included in the option
All the info will be available on starting from 18/06/2018. All the clients impacted by the changes will receive a text alert to inform them. 

We'd like to remind you the Top Mondo Prepaid and Postpaid options for the EEA roaming are alternative to the domestic prices valid in the European Union. For additional info please check
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