Wind Tre Business

Management of requests for modification of optional privacy consents presented by customers

WINDTRE reminds its esteemed customers that it is possible to modify the optional consents to the processing of data for commercial purposes, through the methods made available by WINDTRE.

For Business Customers, the consents can be changed in the following ways:
  • by writing to WINDTRE S.p.A. - Ref. Privacy CC Wind Tre S.p.A. Customer Service 1928 P.O.Box n. 14155, Milan Post Office 65, 20152 Milan (MI) and WINDTRE S.p.A. - Ref. Privacy CC Wind Tre S.p.A. Customer Service 139 P.O. Box n. 14155, Milan Post Office 65 - 20152 Milan
  • by sending a PEC to
  • by contacting the Contact Center at 1928 or 139, or 800999099 for Direct Customers
Any updates on these methods will be indicated from time to time on our websites. After your change request, a maximum of 20 days will elapse between the processing of your request and the complete alignment of all channels and all company systems dedicated to commercial campaigns. If you are no longer one of our customers and want to change the consents you have given us, you can write an e-mail to, attaching a valid identity document to your request, or you can contact 1928 and 139, or 800999099 for DIRECT customers, within 6 months of deactivation.
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