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Communication for banks, insurance companies and credit card companies, concerning the application of costs not exceeding the urban tariff for customer assistance services

Wind Tre hereby informs that, with publication in the Official Gazette, General Series no. 189 dated 14/08/17, from August 29th, 2017 the law 124/2017 entered into force, entitled: "Annual Law for the Market and Competition", which establishes, in paragraphs 130 and 131 that:

"130. Banks, insurance companies and credit card companies ensure that access to their customer support services, even through a mobile phone call, occurs at telephone costs that do not exceed the ordinary urban rate. The Authority for Communications Guarantees oversees the correct application of this paragraph "; (emphasis added)

"131. The violation of the provisions of paragraph 130 implies the application of an administrative fine of 10,000 euro, imposed by the Authority referred to in paragraph 130, and an indemnity of not less than 100 euro to customer";

Consequently, on October 25th, 2018, the Resolution 157/18 / CIR was published on the AGCom website, stating that: "Amendment of the numbering plan pursuant to resolution no. 8/15 / CIR in implementation of the Annual Law for the Market and competition n. 124/2017 ", which states that:
"Article 1 (Amendments to paragraph 2, article 1, of resolution No. 196/17 / CIR)
1. Paragraph 2, of the art. 1, of resolution no. 196/17 / CIR is amended as follows:
The subjects that provide the services referred to in paragraph 130 through numbering for services with shared charges are required to start without delay the required activities to ensure that, as from 3 months from the publication of this provision, the same services are provided on geographical numbers or numbers for services to charge the person called, pursuant to paragraph 7 of the art. 15 of Annex A to resolution no. 8/15 / CIR, as amended by resolution no. 196/17 / CIR. " (Emphasis added)

The definitions of geographic numbering and numbering for debit services to the caller are the ones that are deduced from the "Numbering plan in the Telecommunications sector and implementing discipline" (Annex A to resolution 8/15 / CIR and s.m.i, articles 7 and 16 ).

The Authority also specifies, in Attachment A to Resolution 157/18 / CIR that "compliance with the rules relating to the basic tariff remains and in any case the numbers for premium and number services are excluded for the services referred to in paragraph 130 as unique and personal. "

Therefore, in the event that a bank, insurance company and credit card company is using, for its customer support services, also by call from mobile number, different numbers from those identified by AGCom in Resolution 157/18 / CIR, must carry out, within the indicated deadlines (3 months from October 25th, 2018, therefore by January 25th, 2019) all the activities necessary to ensure that the aforementioned services are provided on geographical numbers or numbers for debit services to the called party.

For more details, see below:

Law August 4th, 2017, no. 124 “Annual Law for the Market and Competition”

AGCom Resolution 157/18/CIR

AGCom Resolution 196/17/CIR

AGCom Resolution 8/15/CIR
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