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Perfect to adapt to every need of all the main public offices such as territorial agencies, ASL, municipalities, schools and museums, they allow various solutions to manage calls from landline and internet browsing within the various offices. Choose, among the different types proposed, the one best suited to the needs of your office. All solutions are available on the Acquisti in Rete PA website.

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Smart Working Solutions
Are you interested in an integrated communication solution for the digitization of your Administration, without the need to install a switchboard in the offices and with the traffic included in the offer? Do you want to allow your employees to work and communicate with colleagues, users and suppliers inside and outside the workplace, ensuring the efficiency that the public requires? Integrated virtual switchboard and security solutions are the answer. Simple but with innovative, flexible and high quality features, they can help the Administration to ensure excellent levels in the provision of services to citizens.

Broadband and Ultra-Broadband Services
WINDTRE Broadband solutions offer all the features necessary for the functioning of the public administration's offices. Complete Voice & Internet solutions that will allow you to browse the Internet quickly and safely, as well as make/receive telephone calls from your landline. You will no longer have difficulties with uploading and downloading large formats or video calls thanks to the high browsing performance guaranteed by the optical fiber that will allow you to reach a speed of 1 Gigabit per second. The fee with unlimited calls allows you to call all over Italy without surprises. You can complete your offer with many services such as the cloud security option or the data navigation backup solution.

What if you are not reached by the Fiber?
The coverage of the Voice & Internet service is totally guaranteed even where the Fiber does not arrive. Thanks to the use of "wireless" Radio or Mixed Fiber Radio connectivity solutions, we can allow you to provide your services without changing your daily operations even in areas not reached by physical connectivity.

Security Solutions
The services that guarantee operational continuity complete the solutions for smart working and broadband connectivity. The security service is provided both with dedicated resources at your offices and with cloud solutions, and ensures maximum peace of mind regarding the protection of your data. With the most innovative features offered with the SD-WAN service, you can obtain maximum configuration flexibility in the case of public offices distributed throughout the territory and simplify access to cloud applications by users located anywhere.

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