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A new approach to connectivity to effectively respond to the new needs of multi-site companies.

Application Control

Optimized bandwidth management
for each application

Transport Agnostic

Security policy, bandwidth control,
routing regardless of connectivity

Intelligent Path Control

Dynamic routing of traffic to increase
reliability and load balancing

Secure Connectivity

Direct access to the Internet from peripheral offices,
secure communication with applications in the public clod

Why choose SD-WAN for your company?

SD-WAN is the solution that meets the needs and requirements of companies to support them in the new business dynamics and contribute to the fundamental process of digital innovation.

The corporate perimeter has in fact been completely transformed: applications increasingly reside in the cloud (also managed by third-party companies) and must be usable by employees and partners without constraints, as required by the new working models (anywhere, anytime, any device).
The SD-WAN solution offers:
Support of
any type of WAN
dynamically creating VPNs and transparently using the various types of connectivity
application transport
with the dynamic rerouting of the traffic of individual applications
Simplify your
migration to the cloud
to better support the cloud in all its forms, integrating partners and suppliers
WINDTRE BUSINESS offers complete and advanced SD-WAN solutions that are characterized by the level of security and simplicity of design and implementation, with a turn key delivery in which the customer assigns all activities to WINDTRE.

Offer Info and Details

The SD-WAN solution is independent of the CPEs used for connectivity. The service is implemented through security appliances fully managed by SOC WINDTRE.
SD-WAN si contraddistingue per la flessibilità: si può scegliere la tipologia di traffico da gestire, le sedi da abilitare a SD-WAN e le opzioni di configurazione della soluzione.
The SD-WAN service allows you to manage the optimized transport of data, voice and video applications. Business-critical traffic (e.g. voice) will be configured on flows that guarantee the best service level parameters (delay, jitter, packet loss), while for non-critical traffic, different policies will be applied with a view to load balancing and cost containment.
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