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International Roaming

Before you go Abroad
Verify if there is roaming coverage in your country of destination and if your smartphone is compatible with the technology of the operators that cover your country of destination. Also verify which prefix you need to dial from abroad to call Italy.

Make sure that the roaming service is active at the time of your departure. The activation of the service, in fact, depends on the SIM profile chosen at the time of subscription.

To verify this, you can contact your corporate contact person or call 1928.
If you are traveling in the European Union and have not subscribed to either one of the options valid in the EU or to a plan that includes traffic that can be used abroad, the conditions of the new European regulation will apply to you.

When you are abroad
How to make calls
Dial the telephone number, preceded by the international prefix, both for local and for international calls.
Before you call a fixed number, find out whether a 0 is necessary before the national prefix.
For example:
f you are in Paris and want to call a number in Paris you must dial:
+33 (prefix for France) 01 (prefix for Paris) XXXXXXXX.
If you are in Paris and want to call a number in Rome you must dial:
+39 (prefix for Italy) 06 (prefix for Rome) XXXXXXXX
If you are in Paris and want to call a Wind mobile number you must dial
+ 39 32X XXX XXX

How to send or receive SMS
To send and receive SMS, type the recipient’s number in international form (example for Italy: +39 329 1234567).

How to navigate
Verify that data services abroad are available in the Country you are in. If you are not able to connect, make sure that you have correctly set the APN.

How to select a specific operator*
To select a different operator from the one that the SIM automatically picks up, use the manual network selection feature from your smartphone’s menu; then choose an operator among the available ones.
WINDTRE informs you that the EU Regulation no. 531/2012 from 7/1/14 allows the client who has enabled international roaming services with WINDTRE to choose, without switching costs and only for the international roaming services inside the European Economic Area, an alternate operator, where available.
Therefore, when roaming in the EU, and only for the data services, if available, the client will be able to use offers from another operator. For any information on the offers or requirements, we invite you to contact the Call Center of the foreign operator that is responsible for providing such data services.

To use the services of the chosen alternate operator, it is necessary to vary your INTERNET APN replacing it with EUInternet; to use the WINDTRE services again, simply reset the WINDTRE APN.
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